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Meet The Rockin’ Recovery

“Rockers In Recovery  ” and The Rockin’ RecoveryRIR ALL-STAR BAND:   The  All Stars  combine cream of the crop musicians that are in recovery or support recovery.  This makes for some serious good time dance music and some good old Rock and Roll.  We also invite other musicians that are in recovery or support recovery to help carry our message of hope through music.  Most importantly the message of “Rockers In Recovery Live Concert Series” is that treatment and education mixed with “HAVING FUN” in recovery is indeed possible!!

East Coast All-Stars/RIR All-Star Band  – This Band of All-stars have been rocking the addiction recovery community since 2008. RIR and its squad of musicians have delivered 15 concerts and 3 festivals all promoting addiction awareness. If you would like to book The RIR East Coast All-Stars call 877-799-8773.

Musical Director of RIR ALL-STAR BAND:

Lou Esposito

Lou Esposito

Lou Esposito(Joe Walsh, Bo Diddley, and Chuck Berry)

Lou engages the RIR All-Star five-piece band with the help of our Musical Contributors.  Lou  will be playing at each show. The Director then rotates in and out four Musical Contributors on each show based on their availability. This makes for a new experience each time you see the band.

Meet The Current List of RIR Musical Contributors Lou Picks From based On Their Availability:

Colin Lizzard McGuinness- Musician/Singer/Songwriter
Jeff Ganz(Johnny Winter, Lou Reed)
Eliot Jacobs(Peter Criss Band,The Capris)
Tommy Zvoncheck (Formerly of Blue Oyster Cult)
John Gianoulis (Earl Slick Band, Felix Cavaliere)
Graham Maby(Joe Jackson)
Kenny Aaronson (Rick Derringer)
David Shelley(Cher ,David Shelley and Bluestone)
Jimmy Stowe(Jimmy Stowe and the Stowaways)
Dyce Kimura(Sweet Jesus Ministry Band)
Casey Montana Rogers(Recovery Unplugged)
Michael Mostel(Toke Squealy)

 Lou  works hard everyday contacting  friends to grow our list of musical contributors.  If your a musician that is in recovery or supports the recovery movement  and would like to be a Musical Contributor Call 877-799-8773 for information or contact by email at Musical Contributor .



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Meet Our Past Paid Musical Contributors-Richie SupaChristine Ohlman (SNL), Kasim Sulton (Utopia and Meat Loaf), Liberty DeVitto (Billy Joel), Mark Stein (Vanilla Fudge),Ricky Byrd(Joan Jett),Jeff Kazee (Southside Johnny, Bon Jovi), along with his band mates Chris Anderson, Neal Pawley from Southside Johnny.

Meet Our Past  Musical Contributors whom have donated of their time- The  Musicians who have been musical contributors to RIR’s mission through our unplugged sets, concerts, and festivals and have  supported  the recovery lifestyle are,  Simon Kirke (Bad Co.),Ian Hunter (Mott The Hoople), Michael Des Barres, Billy J. Kramer, and LaLa Brooks (The Crystals), Handsome Dick Manitoba (The Dictators, Little Steven’s Underground Garage), Gene Cornish (The Rascals), Peppy Castro (Blue Magoo’s), Mark Bosch (Ian Hunter Rant Band, Garland Jeffries), Ross the Boss (The Dictators), Joe Hurley (Joe Hurley and The Gents, Keith Richards’ LIFE), Arno Hecht and Larry Etkin (Uptown Horns), Adam Roth (Billy J. Kramer), Marge Raymond (singer/songwriter/actress), and Dave Uosikkinen(The Hooters),

The RIR Cause

The bands purpose most importantly is the message of hope and love that treatment for addiction and education mixed with “HAVING FUN” in  recovery is indeed possible!! The band will also be sharing the stage with special guests from time to time. Musicians in recovery or musicians who are supporters of the addiction recovery movement.  This band is meant to be all inclusive to musicians not exclusive. Get recovery people involved there is so much talent among young people in recovery. Help them to see music and recovery can mix together without getting high.


ALL of Rockers In Recovery Productions are funded by sponsorship dollars. Rockers In Recovery is dedicated to addiction recovery through music, news, interviews, events, and festivals taking place within the clean and sober community.

Through Rockers In Recovery Radio and Productions Inc. we offer different platforms to carry the message of hope in an exciting new way. RIR Events, RIR Concerts,RIR Festivals, RIR magazine (in print and online), RIR Addiction Talk Radio, RIR TV, and RIR Live Concert and Event Streaming , makes it easy to reach hundreds of thousands of people globally with just a click of a mouse.

Book The The Rockin’Recovery “East Coast All-Stars”: Events, Conferences, Fundraisers, Concerts, Festivals, and or any sober event you maybe having. Call 877-799-8773

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