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Like the conventional pairing of peas and carrots; sex, drugs, and rock n roll seem to collide more often in the same sentence, as well as in the lives of musicians that play the music. Just like celebrity addicts who are in acting, music artists are prone to those same temptations of the party scene. As many of these famous musicians that have succumbed to their substance addictions over the years (Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jerry Garcia, Kurt Cobain, Brad Nowell, Amy Winehouse), there are as many who escaped the ultimate consequence of death and now enjoy a life in active recovery.

Rockers In Recovery Radio and Productions is dedicated to producing addiction recovery news, interviews, community events, taking place within the clean and sober community.

Through Rockers In Recovery Radio and Productions Inc. we offer different social media platforms to carry the message of hope in an exciting new way. This makes it easy to reach hundreds of thousands of people globally with just a click of a mouse.


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